Things You Need To Know About Dietary Supplement Insurance In 2017
Vitamin and nutritional supplement manufacturers, importers, distributors and wholesalers have only one-of-a-kind exposures as a result of the changing ingredients and exploitation of the products. A variety of critical factors such as third-party bodily injury claims, judgments and defense costs can be economically crushing to a company. Because of the substantial level of general and product liability, coverage plays a pivotal role for those in this industry.

Announcing specialized insurance for dietary supplements and nutraceuticals industry

While the sales of dietary supplements reach more than 10 billion USD in the U.S. alone, manufacturers are not sure about what to do in a most terrible case scenario. Sadler Products Liability Insurance recently made an announcement that a new insurance program is designed to the needs of the nutraceuticals and dietary supplements industry.

Why the program is necessary

This innovative insurance strategy delivers a uniquely tailored solution to the fast growing nutraceutical and dietary supplement industry. The strategy works effectively in safeguarding manufacturers, distributors, importers and sellers of these products in case lawsuits or products recall.

“The supplement industry has gone from strength to strength over the recent years, but legal responsibility and recalls still continue living and can hit a supplement manufacturer and their agents very hard,” said representative at

The source of a range of problems for the supplement industry is substantial manufacturing and inspection strategies. This resulted in issuing the FDA report that almost hundreds of dietary supplement firms they inspected had breached the manufacturing rules.

“You also have the issue of a minimum of a quarter of the supplements on the market have ingredients that are not contained in the product label. The FDA or a customer’s lawyer can get involved and give rise to critical problems for the manufacturer or distributor,” the representative at Trusted Nutrition said.

How you benefit?

Sadler Products Liability Insurance offers specially-designed coverage to the nutritional supplement industry. Insurance covers up to $5 million in accountability limits on a major basis and a range of features offered particularly for dietary supplement manufacturing companies. Apart from that, Product Recall insurance is offered, which a lot of manufacturers, distributors, and small-business owners do not understand is not invariably included in Product Liability insurance.

“The good news is the number of violations and problems is down, so the cost of liability insurance is dropping. Now companies can get the coverage they need at a cost-effective price,” a representative at Trusted Nutrition said.

All this works dramatically in helping dietary supplements develop in a climate where a legion of people is searching for a number of natural ways to leverage their health.


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